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Nike Tech

Nike might be the most important name in fashion. It is without question the most important name in sneakers. But what has made Nike special is how they have dominated the attention of the public in shoes, sportswear and so much more. Nike Tech is one of the most important contributions The Swoosh has made to the culture.

Nike Tech Pack

The Nike Tech Pack would debut in 2007. Nike has always made sportwear that was aimed at the athlete but was chic enough for casual wear. When Nike was first starting out, in the 70s and 80s, they found success with sneakers like the Cortez. Windrunner jackets were also popular for Nike. Nike learned very early on that sportwear couldn’t just be highly functional, it also had to appeal to people who were looking to make a fashion statement. Names like Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson played a huge part in making Nike more than just a sportswear brand.


The first tech pack featured an update on the Nike classic Windrunner. The first tech pack featured no sow technology. This is where the fabric is welded together. The pack initially included jackets, crews, hoodies and tees.


The Teck Pack would go on a bit of a hiatus but would return in 2013. The Pack featured pieces that were in part designed by athletes, for athletes. Nike reached out to some of the top names in sport to help make pieces that worked for the modern athlete. The Pack would be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Nike Tech Fleece would be introduced in 2013. Fleece has become an important part of the Nike Tech collections. Tech Fleece is made from two layers of cotton jersey. The construction allowed for a warm but lightweight fit.

A Streetwear Mainstay

Nike Tech Fleece has been a mainstay in the Streetwear space for years now. It represents casual coolness in a way no other sportswear brand has achieved. Nike Tech, and specifically Nike Tech Fleece, is an icon of modern fashion.