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Nike Presto

The Nike Presto has been one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market for decades now. The story and history of the Nike Presto is an interestingly unique one. The Nike Presto was originally released in 2000.


The Presto was conceived by Hatfield…no…not that Hatfield…Tobie Hatfield. Tobie is the brother of design icon, Tinker Hatfield. Tobie had a straightforward design inspiration when it came to the shoe that would eventually become the Presto…he wanted a shoe that was incredibly comfortable. Hatfield first got the idea for the Presto in 1996. What Hatfield wanted to accomplish would be changing the way sneakers were made. Hatfield worked incredibly hard when it came to research involving the comfort of footwear. He wanted to create a shoe that did not clash with the foot. He wanted something that fit your feet perfectly. This is where the “V-Notch” would come into play. The V-Notch would give the shoe a carved out area in the ankle area. It would remove the excess material around the ankle and collar of shoe. This gave more room for the foot to bend and move freely.


The materials used for a shoe obviously play a big part in how comfortable it will be. How the shoe would bend, how it would feel. Spacer Mesh was chosen by Nike designers for the Presto because it was stretchable and breathable. It would allow the Presto to come closer to its goal of being the most comfortable shoe on the market. A rubber cage was used on the upper to keep the structure of the shoe and for the laces. A rubber cap was added to the toe to keep out debris.


Nike is one of the most influential companies ever created. Nike has changed the shoe game, sports, and our culture. Read on as we attempt to summarize the massive impact of Nike into one single blog post. Nike started as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. The company was headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1966, the first Blue Ribbon Sports store opened in California. The storefront was an instant success, and a name change was needed.

Nike Presto

The Nike Presto is still a popular model today, with plenty of high profile collaborations out there to prove it. It had a clear cut goal, comfort, which clicked perfectly with runners and those in the need of a comfortable casual shoe. The Nike Presto is a one of a kind shoe from Nike. Today, it is one of the most recognized casual sneakers in the marketplace. Shoe Palace has carried a wide range of Nike Presto sneakers in retail locations and on for decades now.


You can find the Nike Presto at Shoe Palace is a variety of sizes for Men, Women and Kids. Visit Shoe Palace for the latest Nike Presto styles.