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Stephen Curry Under Armour Shoe Guide

UA curry

Stephen Curry is one of the game’s all-time great players. His relationship with Under Armour has been striving for years now. As of 2024, there have been 11 installments of the Curry x Under Armour series. Below is a guide to the Curry x Under Armour shoe collection.

curry 1


The Curry 1 has a padded mesh tongue lined with synthetic suede that breathes and offers top of the line protection for your foot. There is Charged Cushioning® made from a foam upper and a multidirectional herringbone-style outsole. The mid cut design gave Curry extra protection for ankles. Curry’s ankles have always been an issue for him throughout his career.

curry 2


The Under Armour Curry 1 was a historic release. Curry won NBA MVP and Championship while wearing the 1. The 2 had a tough act to follow. The second Curry signature model featured a Speedform upper that was usually used by UA on running and training shoes. There was a Charged midsole, an external heel counter that offered premium support, and a herringbone pattern on the outsole.

curry 3


Under Armour used a new technology for the 3, Threadborne. The tech consisted of an ultra-durable yarn which was designed to allow Curry to flourish for an 82 game season. The 3 offered a snug fit that would support Curry’s ankle while he was making his signature quick cuts on the court. The 3 mirrored the first two Curry sneakers in terms of design. After the 3, the line would begin to change its aesthetic.

curry 4


The Curry 4 was a departure from the Curry shoes that came previously. The shoe had a high top knit upper that was sock like. There was a speed plate and a sole that offered extra grip to accommodate the explosiveness of Steph. Many fans of the series view the 4 as the best in the series to that point. It was beloved for its performance capabilities and its design.

curry 5


The Under Armour Curry 5 was a departure from what came previously in the line because of its low top, verse the high top cut that was standard for the first four Curry styles. The branding was also minimal on the shoe. Under Armour used containment zones on the 5. Anafoam tech would lock the foot into place. A full knit upper helped keep the foot locked in and the EVA midsoles were responsive.

curry 6


By the time the Curry 6 launched, Curry was a three time champion. His legacy was cemented, he was the greatest shooter that ever lived. The 6 featured HOVR cushioning and had a knit upper. There was a speed plate, and a heel counter. Stability was an important part of the Curry line, and the 6 once again featured a stable containment for the foot.

curry 7


Under Armour analyzed Stephs body and game for every Curry sneaker it made. The goal was to create footwear that could enhance his game and keep him healthy for a season. The 7 was crafted by combing Under Armour technologies, UA HOVR™ and Micro G®. A flexible plate separated the tech and allowed the properties to perform at maximum effectiveness.

curry 8


UA understood the kind of footwear Curry needed. What he needed to maintain his place as one of the best players in the game. But research and testing were a major part of the Curry 8 and its construction. An all foam outsole gave the 8 tremendous grip and traction. UA Flow eliminated the rubber outsole and brought in superior traction to the 8.

curry 4


Under Armour’s design team looked to out due itself with the Under Armour Curry 9. They wanted to create a more revolutionary shoe than anything that came previously in the Curry line. New technology would be utilized on the shoe’s upper – UA Warp. The UA Warp is basically a seatbelt for the foot. The UA Warp does not restrict the foot and allows the foot to still move naturally.

curry 10


The Under Armour Curry 10 has tremendous grip thanks to the UA Flow cushioning. Skidding and wasted steps are no longer an issue if you wisely lace up the Curry 10 the next time you step foot on the court. The shoe gives you the ability to switch directions fast with a supportive plate that keeps your feet secure. The UA Warp works like tiny seat belts, locking you in with every powerful cut.

curry 4


The Curry 11 was praised by many to be the best shoe yet from the Curry and Under Armour partnership. The low cut design worked as a basketball shoe and as a casual silhouette. The UA Warp upper has tech that provides supreme comfort and control while making quick basketball moves. The shoes are lightweight. The 3D-molded TPU hell counter was enhanced for fit and support.

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