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The History Of The Under Armour Curry 4

The Under Armour Curry 4 was released in 2017. Steph Curry and the Warriors would win the 2017 NBA Championship. Curry would wear the 4 during the NBA Finals.


The Curry 4 was a departure from the Curry shoes that came previously. The shoe had a high top knit upper that was sock like. There was a speed plate and a sole that offered extra grip to accommodate the explosiveness of Steph. Many fans of the series view the 4 as the best in the series to that point. It was beloved for its performance capabilities and its design.

Under Armour Curry 4

The History of Stephen Curry & Under Armour

Stephen Curry and Under Armour joined forces in 2013. During the partnership, the brand and the player have reached incredible heights as a unit.

Chef Curry

Stephen Curry is not only one of the top players of all time - he is also one of the most important. Curry changed the game of basketball with his shooting ability. Long range shooting, the three point shot, is now the focus of most team’s offense. His greatness when it comes to shooting the ball has helped to influence not just the NBA, but the basketball world. Whether it’s college, high school, or just a pickup game at the park, the influence of Curry is evident. Kids today want to shoot like Curry, the same way they wanted to dunk like Michael Jordan in his day. There has never been a player quite like Stephen Curry.

chef curry

Under Armour

Under Armour creates state of the art products. Products that are engineered to solve problems and to make athletes, like Stephen Curry, better. Under Armour was founded in Baltimore and it is the current home of its global headquarters. Under Armour is currently a billion dollar company with a bright future ahead of it.


- Adam C. Better