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Friends 101: How Many Seasons Was The TV Show? When Did It Start? And More

Friends is easily one of the most important television shows in history. Despite debuting 30 years ago, Friends still has legions of fans watching the show via television reruns, streaming services, and home media. Read some of the biggest questions regarding the iconic sitcom below.

When Did Friends Start?

Friends debuted on NBC on September 22, 1994. It was a ratings hit practically from the start. It would also win multiple Emmy Awards during its run.

Where Can You Watch Friends?

Friends is currently streaming on Max. Which was formerly named HBO Max.

How Long Did The Show Last?

Friends ran for 10 seasons. From 1994 to 2004. Over 50 Million people watched the final episode of Friends in 2004.

Who Starred On Friends?

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer were the stars of Friends.

Who Created Friends?

David Crane & Marta Kaufman created the sitcom. The show was originally called “Six of One” when Crane and Kaufman were pitching it. James Burrows, who is a legendary TV director, and worked on classic TV shows like Taxi and Cheers, directed the first Friends episode.

Why Was Friends Such A Hit?

Sitcoms and television comedies up until 1994 mostly centered on families, the workplace, or the eccentricities of older characters. Friends did not focus on marriage or work, its focus was solely its six young characters and their lives. The sitcom reflected how people in their 20s were starting to get married and have children later in life, it was also becoming more common for some to not marry and have children at all. As relationships began to alter, friendships started to become more important in the 90s.

Has There Been A Friends Reunion?

Friends: The Reunion debuted in 2021. All six cast members, along with the creators, reunited to discuss the show. Sadly, Matthew Perry would die in 2023, so another reunion of the entire cast will not be able to ever happen again.


- Adam C. Better