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The Story Of The Legendary Brand, North Face

North Face is a brand that everyone in the industry has a lot of respect and admiration for. What makes North Face special is that despite its apparel being perfect for outdoor adventures, fashion is never compromised. You truly cannot go wrong with wearing North Face on your next outdoor adventure. Learn more about the legendary company below. You can find a wide array of North Face products at Shoe Palace locations and on


North Face was founded in 1966. North Face has always been motivated and inspired by the outdoors. Its products are designed to help you enjoy the earth, while protecting it, in style. North Face is at the forefront of fashion. Those who live extreme lives, while doing so in extreme weather, can appreciate the quality of North Face.

Moving Forward

North Face crafts clothes for everything from chilly nights to the harshest conditions imaginable. The company is constantly utilizing new technology to push its brand forward.

Protecting The Environment

The environment is incredibly important to the company. They try their best to use materials that do not hurt, or waste, the world’s natural resources. North Face tests its products in labs, before evaluating them on the most grueling expeditions. North Face has a team of athletes that make sure their apparel fits their needs. North Face has been a leader in the industry for close to 60 years.

Shoe Palace

North Face and Shoe Palace have been partners for years now. You can obviously find the very best footwear at Shoe Palace retail locations and on But North Face offers Shoe Palace customers a nice change of pace, high quality apparel that is built for style and utility. Products that serve our customer base in a variety of ways are exciting to us. You can find apparel and accessories from North Face on and at Shoe Palace retail locations. Go on your next outdoor adventure with North Face and Shoe Palace.


- Adam C. Better