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2023 Back To School Shoe Guide

It is that time of the year again, Back to School! Those first few days, first week, fits are always important to kids that are returning. The fit always starts with the kicks. It is a rule that Shoe Palace has always followed and embraced.

Below is a list of the best styles out there for a variety of kids and their personal style and needs.

The Casual. Low Maintenance Kid

The Nike Blazer is currently one of the hottest sneakers on the market. The enduring legacy of the Nike Blazer proves how timeless the silhouette is. Presently, the Blazer is worn as a casual sneaker by enthusiasts. Its use of leather allows the Blazer to work as a casual sneaker, but it still brings a level of sophistication to your outfit. The more than affordable price tag also makes it a huge draw. The Blazer is a great casual shoe for back to school.

Converse and its Chuck Taylor shoe are icons in the fashion industry. The Chuck Taylor is one of the most recognizable sneakers on the planet. The Chuck Taylor is a staple of fashion, and it does not seem to be going away. For the kid who likes to keep it simple, the Chuck Taylor is the perfect shoe for back to school. The price tag will not scare you away and the shoes can practically go with any outfit. Shoe Palace has a large variety of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes in a lot of assorted colors and profiles.

The Stylish. High Maintenance Kid

New Balance is one of the hottest brands in sneakers right now. For a stylish and high maintenance kid, Shoe Palace has plenty of styles to offer from New Balance. New Balance strives for innovation, as well as pushing the boundaries of modern fashion. New Balance prides itself on a large majority of its shoes being made in the United States. The artistry and quality of New Balance products are always top of the line.

The Sneakerhead. The Kid That Loves Shoes

There is no sneaker brand or line that surpasses the cultural impact of the Air Jordan franchise. The first 23 Air Jordan sneakers hold a prestigious spot in the mythos of sneakers. Every Jordan has a story and an inseparable link to Michael Jordan’s iconic career. If you want to help your kid make a statement when they return to school, the Air Jordan sneaker like is the way to go. The most stylish and high maintenance kid will be more than happy with any of the many Air Jordan styles Shoe Palace has available.

The Practical. The Kid That Just Needs Shoes

Some kids just want shoes, and they do not care what they look like. The quality and versatility of the shoe is what really matters to the practical kid. Vans got their start appealing to the laid back and casual taste of California. For over 50 years Vans have been a staple of casual attire with their lengthy list of iconic designs. Shoe Palace has an extensive list of styles available from Vans. Vans are an affordable and practical choice for back to school.

The Comfy. The Kid That Wants To Be Comfortable

The Calm Slide from Nike is the perfect companion for the kid who wants to stay comfortable. Nike has taken the slide to a new level of style with the Calm Slide. Some kids want to be comfortable and just want to get to class as quickly as possible. The Calm Slide is easy to put on, and it is stylish enough to not completely embarrass the family. The Nike Calm Slide is perfect for those who want to stay comfortable, especially in the warmer months.

In 2002, the world was introduced to one of the most unique brands ever made. Crocs are different than any other footwear on the planet. Crocs are easy to wear and extremely comfortable. Crocs are also fun for kids of all ages. They will allow the kids in your life who crave comfort to do it with style. They are also easy to put on and take off. You can find Crocs in a variety of colors and styles at Shoe Palace. They are a great choice for back to school.

Shoe Palace

Shoe Palace has a variety of brands and styles for Back to School. You can visit our retail locations and to find everything you need for Back To School.


- Adam C. Better