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The History of adidas

The Three Stripes are iconic worldwide. Few brands in the sneaker industry, or in all of business, have had the global impact of adidas. Learn more about adidas below.

History Of The Three Stripes

The adidas brand has a long history and connection with sport. Its relationship with athletes and the field of play has always been in congruence with its sneaker culture prominence. adidas is known worldwide as The Three Stripes Brand. The German sportswear company was founded in 1949 by Adolf “Adi” Dassler. It started out rooted in track and football. It has become a global player in the sneaker industry over the past 70 years.

Global Reach

Its global reach now includes basketball and popular culture. Partnerships with James Harden, Damian Lillard, Kanye West, Beyonce, Pharrell, and many more prominent names, have allowed adidas to become a top force in the fashion industry. adidas has mastered mixing sportswear and fashion. The Three Stripe’s popularity only continues to grow and its link to athletics and athletes is stronger than ever.

Iconic Styles

Adidas has one of the most legendary rosters of styles in the industry. Below is some of the beloved styles from adidas.


The adidas Campus comes in leather and suede editions. The rubber outsole offers superior grip for a wide array of activities – including skateboarding. The adidas Campus is one of the most versatile shoes on the market. The shoe has been around since the 1970s. But it did not really come into its own until the 1980s. The shoe is still a staple today, it has received a few modern updates, but it has mostly stayed untouched, especially aesthetically. One of the shining cultural moments for the Campus was when the Beastie Boys wore the sneaker on the cover of the 1992 album, “Check Your Head.”


adidas has always put an emphasis on not just style, but performance. That mixture has allowed the company to strive. The Gazelle is the result of training shoes, built for performance, turning into something that worked as a style icon. Leather shoes from adidas in the 1960s are what led to the creation of the Gazelle. adidas would upgrade those leather designs in 1966 when they created the first Gazelle shoe. The use of suede for the Gazelle made it unique. The Gazelle would be utilized for vibrant and fresh colorways. It would quickly become a popular choice as a training shoe in the 1960s and 1970s. The appeal of the adidas Gazelle would be international.

Stan Smith

The Stan Smith name is an icon in the sneaker world. adidas and Stan Smith have fans across the world. Pop Culture legends like Jay-Z, Barack Obama and David Bowie have been see wearing the sneaker. It has received collaborations with fashion giants like Balenciaga, NIGO, Raf Simons, and Pharrell. For many,

especially those born after the 1980s, the name Stan Smith is synonymous with the adidas shoe. But Stan Smith, the man, was a tennis legend. Such a legend that he received his own signature shoe, this was long before having a signature shoe was the norm. In 1965 adidas created the Stan Smith. It was designed by Robert Haillet. The shoe that was born in 1965, was not given the name Stan Smith until 1978. The shoe added a portrait of Smith on the tongue when he was officially named the shoe’s endorser. Since then, the shoe has been embraced as a sport sneaker and essential casual shoe. The partnership was so effective that adidas would sign Stan Smith to a lifetime deal.


The adidas Samba released in 1950. The Samba was designed for soccer enthusiasts. What made them special was they could be used on a variety of surfaces. Soccer players could master their craft on turf, grass, and hardwood courts. The Samba is built to last with its synthetic leather upper. The upper can withstand a high degree of wear and tear. The elongated tongue offers protection during a match. The adidas Samba has made an impact on the millions of soccer fans around the world. They are a valuable piece of sneaker, and soccer, culture. What has allowed the Samba to remain relevant for decades now is how versatile it is. It can be worn as a casual shoe for a variety of activities. It can also be paired with a variation of looks, for both Men and Women. The combination of the 3-Stripes design, mixed with the smooth leather and suede, has allowed the shoe to become a fashion staple. The cushioned footbed and vulcanized rubber outsole allows the Samba to be one of the most comfortable casual shoes around.


The Forum is a historic shoe for adidas. It was the company’s first basketball sneaker to be offered in low, mid and hi top models. The adidas Forum has a leather upper, a trefoil logo on the tongue and the iconic strap. Jacques Chassaing designed the adidas Forum. Skaters and designers have allowed the Forum to transition from the basketball court to an everyday casual shoe. Celebrities and influencers have helped the adidas Forum stay relevant for almost 40 years now. The Forum has become a legend of street culture. It has been the focus of numerous collaborations over the years, including a 2022 collaboration with Shoe Palace.

Shoe Palace x adidas

The adidas Three Stripes are iconic worldwide. Shoe Palace has collaborated with adidas numerous times on sneakers and events. adidas has consistently been one of our most popular partners since we opened our doors in 1993. Classic styles like the adidas Forum, Stan Smith and Superstar are mainstays in the sneaker community and the Shoe Palace marketplace. At this time, the Three Stripes Brand has soared in popularity largely due to its partnership with Kanye West and his Yeezy label. Yeezy sneakers have become one of our hottest and most in demand products. The release of Yeezy products is an event at Shoe Palace stores and on The UltraBOOST, as well as BOOST and adidas 4D cushioning have also caught fire recently. The Shoe Palace & adidas relationship has been an important part of Shoe Palace’s growth over the years, and it will continue to be an important piece of our retail future.


- Adam C. Better