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WNBA Star, Cameron Brink

Cameron Brink is currently a rookie in the WNBA. The hype surrounding her game is huge, and rightfully so. Learn more about Cameron Brink below.

The Start

Brink was born in Princeton, New Jersey. She would grow up in Oregon. Brink would play high school basketball and was named USA Today Oregon Player of the Year. With her size, 6′ 4″, Brink is a gifted defender, and uses her height and athleticism to score.


Cameron would commit to playing college basketball for Stanford. The storied college, known for its academics and athletic programs, was a dream place for her to attend. She would shine at the school and her time there would help propel her to the number two pick in 2024 WNBA Draft. She was a three time All American and two-time National Defensive Player of the Year. Cameron was a multifaceted star that could score, rebound, and block shots. She was arguably the best forward in the country while playing for Stanford.

cameron brink

Curry Connection

Brink considers NBA superstar, Stephen Curry, her brother. Brink’s godparents are Curry’s mother and father. Brink and Steph spent a lot of time together when they were younger.

cameron brink steph curry


She has made an impact from a marketing perspective. She is the first female basketball player to be sponsored by New Balance. She also has deals in place with Buick and Urban Outfitters.

cameron brink New Balance


Brink was selected by the Los Angeles Sparks in the 2024 WNBA Draft. She is expected to be a contender for Rookie of the Year. Her height, mixed with her all-around skills, and athleticism, make her the perfect player for the professional game. The Sparks will be a team to watch in the future, largely because of Brink.

Future Star

The WNBA is currently on the rise. The women’s game is as hot as it has ever been. Players like Brink, who are performing on the court, and making headlines off it, are taking the game to new levels. Cameron Brink should be one of the faces of the WNBA for years to come.


- Adam C. Better

cameron brink Sparks