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The LUKA 2 From Jordan Brand

Luka Dončić is one of the brightest stars in the NBA today. He can do it all on the basketball court and has no weakness on the offensive end of the court. Luka has a relationship with Jordan Brand. Learn about the Luka 2 below.


The Luka 2 was built to support the skills of Luka on the court. It is custom fitted for the step backs, side steps and quick movements of the Dallas Mavericks star. The midsole is flexible and cushioned. The full foot wrapped cage keeps your foot contained while you move up and down the court. All of this tech does not weigh down the shoe, it is still a lightweight fit. There is lateral support. No matter how quickly you move, or which way you go, the Luka 2 will keep you locked in.

The History Of The Jordan Brand

There are few logos more identifiable than Jordan Brand’s Jumpman silhouette. One of the rare logos that could rival the Jumpman in recognition is Nike’s Swoosh symbol. Prior to 1997, you could find the two logos together on an Air Jordan sneaker. Michael Jordan’s signature shoe was created with the help of Nike, but the Air Jordan line became so popular that it eventually did not need the Swoosh to back it. The Nike and Jordan partnership achieved a level of success that allowed Jordan Brand to become its own company in 1997, and it has never looked backed.

The Birth Of Jordan Brand

In 1997, Jordan Brand and Nike decided to let the Air Jordan line operate 100% independently. It was a bold decision that showed the strong belief Nike had in the brand. The decision was probably heavily influenced by the fact that at the time it was widely believed that the ‘97-98 basketball season would be Michael Jordan’s last. Nike had to do something gigantic to let it be known to the consumer that the Jumpman logo was not going away and that it was here to stay.

Jordan Brand was more than accepting and understanding of the fact that it was built on the back of the most beloved athlete in history. To survive separately from Nike, they would need talent from the sports world to endorse their company’s products.


- Adam C. Better