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The Life of Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker has been making audiences laugh for decades now. He is one of our all-time great comedians. Today is Tucker’s birthday, learn more about the comedian below.


Chris Tucker was born in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating high school, Tucker moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy and film. Tucker first made a name for himself as a standup comedian. He was also getting work in film as a supporting cast member. Tucker received his big break when he starred in the 1995 comedy classic, Friday. Ice Cube wrote and starred in the hit film with Tucker. The rapper proved he could do more than create legendary music, he could also create legendary films. Ice Cube handpicked Tucker for the role of the pot smoker, Smokey. The character turned Friday into a hit, and Tucker into a comedy superstar. Friday is considered one of the top comedy films of all-time. Ice Cube would go on to make two more Friday films, but Tucker would not return for the sequels.

chris tucker friday

Rush Hour

Rush Hour (1998) would turn Tucker into a global icon. Friday put him on the map, but the Rush HourTrilogy took Tucker to a whole new level of fame. Tucker would pair with international superstar, Jackie Chan, for the buddy cop series. The duo had an unlikely chemistry that was hilarious to watch in the franchise.

Select Films

Chris Tucker has been famously selective about the projects he takes part in. Over the years he has been offered a lot of work, for a lot of money, but he has turned down a large majority of it. In the past 10 years he has only appeared in two films, most recently the Air Jordan film, Air. Many believe that the tremendous success of the Rush Hour Trilogy, which Tucker earned millions for, has allowed him to be selective about his work.

chris tucker Rush Hour

Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker is a unique voice in comedy. His charisma and delivery are iconic and are impossible to duplicate. Tucker has made his presence in projects a rare thing, which makes it incredibly cool when he pops up in a film like Air. Chris Tucker is one of Hollywood’s biggest talents. Happy Birthday, Chris Tucker!


- Adam C. Better