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The History of PUMA

puma suede on foot

PUMA has been a vital piece of the sneaker industry for over 70 years now. It is one of the most important names in fashion. Read more about PUMA below.


The Dassler Brothers, Rudolf and Adolf, founded “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory” in their home country, Germany. The company began in 1919. Many German athletes wore Dassler spikes at the Olympic Summer Games in Amsterdam, 1928. In 1936, Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin, while sporting Dassler spikes. Sadly, the brothers had a falling out 28 years after founding their company. Rudolf Dassler went off on his own and eventually gave birth to “PUMA” in 1948. In the 1970s PUMA formed a partnership with basketball star, Walt ‘Clyde” Frazier. This helped to introduce PUMA to a larger American fanbase. PUMA has made an impact on and off the court. Today, styles like the Puma Suede Classic still resonate with sneaker connoisseurs.


LaMelo signed with PUMA in October 2020. The deal made him the face of PUMA basketball. The PUMA MB line has proven to be popular with sneakerheads. The shoes have capitalized on the flamboyant play and personality of Melo. The shoes have bright colors and have released creative collaborations. The MB line is inspired by the personality of Melo. Three shoes have been released in the line so far, with the MB.03 recently hitting sneaker shelves.

PUMA was part of Ralph Sampson’s signature look. The star was known to pair his PUMA sneakers with a PUMA sweat suit. PUMA and Ralph Sampson had a beneficial relationship in the 80s. PUMA was a player in the basketball world for a long time before disappearing from the game for 20 years.

In 2018, PUMA returned to the game of basketball. They were not just interested in making new models, they also wanted to pay tribute to its past. PUMA has brought back the Ralph Sampson signature line in honor of its past relationship with basketball. The remake is nearly identical to the original and it is styled in both low and mid-tops.


Selena Gomez has over 400 million followers on Instagram. Her fans are passionate about her life, including her dating history. Her massive following is what allowed her to have an endorsement deal like the one with PUMA. She is not just an actor and musician, she is also a powerful influencer. She has used her voice and influence for causes like anti-bullying and lupus. Gomez also struggles with depression and anxiety and her openness about her struggles with mental illness have been commendable. Her role as an Ambassador for PUMA shows how strong her influence is.

Nipsey Hussle had a relationship with PUMA before his death. After his passing, PUMA has continued the partnership. Numerous PUMA & Nipsey collaborations have been released since 2018. Lauren London has become a big part of the partnership that honors Nipsey and his charitable work. London has been a part of the campaigns as a model, designer, and collaborator. Lauren London is continuing the legacy of her partner through PUMA and her charitable work.

Shoe Palace & PUMA

When Shoe Palace started in 1993, PUMA was already a major player in the industry. There are certain companies and partners you strive to work with when you are first starting out. Having PUMA available at Shoe Palace locations was necessary and was essential to establish credibility in the sneaker world. PUMA is an icon in our industry, and they have been one of our most collaborative partners. Everyone knows the name and the logo of PUMA.


- Adam C. Better