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The Air Jordan 13 Black Flint

Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint”
Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” 1
Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” 2
Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” 3

The Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” releases at Shoe Palace stores and on this April 22.

Black Flint

The Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” will instantly remind sneakerheads of the iconic Air Jordan 13 “Flint Grey.” The obvious difference between the two pairs is the Black Flint’s use of black, rather than the blue the Flint Grey utilizes.

Black Cat

Michael Jordan played the game of basketball like a panther in the mind of designer, Tinker Hatfield. MJ’s close friends also referred to him as the “Black Cat.” Jordan would read his opponents and then strike like a panther. The cat and panther inspiration are a big part of the Air Jordan 13’s design.

The Design Of The 13

The sole of the Air Jordan 13 has a strong resemblance to a panther’s paw. Near the heel of the 13 is a circle hologram. Five models of the 13 were originally released between 1997 and 1998. Two low models were additionally released. The Air Jordan 13 would first be made available as a retro in 2004-2005.

Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” 4
Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” 5
Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” 6

Last Dance

The Air Jordan 13 is the last shoe MJ wore for a complete season with the Chicago Bulls. He would wear the 14 briefly in the NBA Finals and would later return to play for the Washington Wizards, but the 13 was the last shoe he would lace up for a season with the Bulls. In many ways, the 13 represents the end of an era.

Shoe Palace

The Air Jordan 13 “Black Flint” will be available at Shoe Palace stores and on this April 22.


Men's SKU: DJ5982-060

Grade school SKU: 884129-060

Preschool SKU: 414575-060

Infant toddler SKU: 414581-060


- Adam C. Better