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New Balance & James Worthy

James Worthy was a big piece of the Showtime Lakers teams of the 1980s. The Forward was a handful to guard in the post and also ran the court gracefully and effectively. He was a vital component of the Lakers Championship squads in the 1980s.

1982 NBA Draft

The Los Angeles Lakers selected James Worthy as the number 1 pick in the 1982 NBA Draft. The Lakers were led by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdoul-Jabbar when Worthy joined the team. Arguably the best point guard of all time and possibly the best Center of all-time had already won two championships as a duo before Worthy joined them. The forward would be an important part of 3 Championship teams in his career.

 James Worthy draft

New Balance

In the early 1980s, New Balance was known for its high quality running shoes. They weren’t in the business really of making basketball shoes. With Worthy, entering the NBA Draft after helping his North Carolina Tar Heels when the 1982 Championship game, they saw a way to make a splash in the hoops world. They would sign Worthy to a contract worth a then record, 1 Million Dollars!

The Worthy Express

Worthy was able to quickly become the face of New Balance. The company focused all of its marketing resources on the Lakers star. Eventually the forward would receive his own signature shoe from the brand, the New Balance P740 Worthy Express.

New Balance P740 Worthy Express

Big Game James

James Worthy was the third best player on the Lakers. He didn’t get the same press and recognition as Magic and Kareem, but he still was a star on the most prestigious franchise of the 1980s. New Balance was a good fit for Worthy, they weren’t a flashy brand, but they were known for the high quality shoes they made. “Big Game James” always played his best in the biggest moments for the Lakers. He is an all time great forward, and he helped to put New Balance basketball on the map.  

Big Game James

A Brief History Of New Balance

New Balance is a leader in the athletic footwear space. From the beginning New Balance has been committed to performance, style, and a comfortable fit. New Balance got its start in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer a wide range of sizes and widths for everything from training to lifestyle. New Balance strives for innovation, as well as pushing the boundaries of modern fashion. New Balance prides itself on a large majority of its shoes being made in the United States. The craftsmanship and quality of New Balance sneakers are always top of the line. The versatility of New Balance allows them to have a presence in the gym, office, and nightclub. That versatility makes them a brand that never goes out of style or loses its relevance.


- Adam C. Better