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NBA Star, Jalen Brunson

The New York Knicks franchise is currently in a good place, a position in has not been in a long time. The sentiment regarding the team is extremely positive. Jalen Brunson is an important part of New York’s resurgence.

Villanova University

Jalen Brunson made an impact for Villanova University as a Freshman. He was a starter right away and helped the Wildcats win the championship game for the 2015-16 season. In 2018, Brunson, and Villanova, would again win the National Championship. Brunson would play a vital part in the team’s second championship run in three years. The guard played three seasons for Villanova and would have a celebrated career with plenty of awards and accolades.

Jalen Brunson villanova


Jalen Brunson would forgo his Senior Year at Villanova University to enter the NBA Draft in 2018. He would be selected by the Dallas Mavericks with the 33rd pick. Brunson’s career started slowly in Dallas. Each game seemed like he improved as a player and his statistics also improved. He would play four seasons for Dallas, with his fourth season, 2021-22, being his best for the organization.

Jalen Brunson Mavericks


Jalen Brunson would sign with the New York Knicks for the 2022-23 season. Brunson wanted to accept the challenge of being the number 1 option for a team, after spending four seasons as a supporting player in Dallas. On the Knicks, Brunson would blossom into a star. He would put up the best numbers of his career and would lead the New York Knicks to a playoff berth and series win in the first round. Brunson has shown the NBA world that he is a talented guard, and he has done so on the biggest stage in sports, New York.

Jalen Brunson Knicks

World Cup 2023

Team USA looked to Jalen Brunson for playmaking and scoring. Brunson was one of the leaders for Team USA. Unfortunately, the team, and Brunson, underperformed at the World Cup.

Future Star

Brunson has quickly become a favorite in New York. His toughness and ability to perform in the biggest moments have endured him to the demanding Knicks fan base. Jalen Brunson has the chance to go down in history as one of the all-time great Knicks.


- Adam C. Better