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Shoe Palace carries a wide selection of Men’s Boots from the top brand names in the world. You can find the best at Shoe Palace and from Timberland. Shoe Palace is known for a wide variety of casual shoes and sneakers. Shoe Palace strives to carry a wide variety of footwear, including Men’s Boots. Shoe Palace is consistently updating and refreshing its selection of products. You will find the latest and greatest from Timberland on and at Shoe Palace retail locations. Weather conditions and certain activities require more support than shoes and sneakers. Visit Shoe Palace for the perfect pair of Timberland Boots for your next adventure or night out.


Love for the outdoors has a lot to do with the brand, Timberland. The outdoors has been a vital piece of the brand’s identity from the start. The story of Timberland started in 1952. Founder, Nathan Swartz, bought a half interest in the Abington Shoe Company. The Abington Shoe Company soon moved to Newmarket, New Hampshire. It found a tiny corner of New England to call home. That area of New England was known for its harsh weather. Timberland strived to be a shoe that could be worn in any kind of weather. In 1973, the original waterproof boot, Timberland, was invented. They were rugged and extremely well crafted. They set a new standard for the footwear industry. Currently, Timberland considers its impact on the earth with every piece of clothing and footwear they create.


Timberland and Shoe Palace have been partners for a long time now. Shoe Palace has had the honor of collaborating with Timberland on a variety of exclusive shoes and projects. Timberland offers the Shoe Palace customer a nice change of pace from the footwear Shoe Palace typically is known for. Timberland offers the Shoe Palace customer the perfect footwear for hiking, working and casual wear. Timberland boots are versatile and always offer a lot of style. You can find Timberland products at select Shoe Palace locations and on


Shoe Palace is consistently updating its Timberland inventory with the latest from the brand. You can find Timberland footwear for the whole family, Men, Women and Kids. Shoe Palace offers the very best sale prices on Timberland. Be sure to visit Shoe Palace for a wide variety of Timberland footwear, and the best prices.