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UGG, A Fashion Icon

It started for UGG in 1978. Australian surfer Brian Smith had a dream. He wanted to make a shoe unlike anything else. His favorite material was sheepskin, and he used it on the UGG Classic Boot. Quickly after Smith founded his company, they became a hit in Southern California. UGG found a home within the Southern California Beach Culture. They represented the casual and laid back style of SoCal.

Creating An Icon

UGG started humbly, and small, but it has grown into a global icon. UGG’s dedication to long lasting quality and transcending designs have allowed the company to thrive. UGG’s use of premium materials has made them one of the most respected names in the industry. Its bold and distinctive look has made them recognizable across the globe. UGG has changed the fashion world with its incredibly identifiable footwear. You instantly recognize an UGG shoe as soon as you see one. There is nothing else like a UGG product in the marketplace. Like any icon, UGG has done things its own way since day one. UGG also values the planet and the people who inhabit it. The environment is a priority for UGG. Its operations are designed to minimize the impact they make on the world.


UGG x Shoe Palace

Discover the world of UGG at Shoe Palace. Our extensive collection caters to all seasons, preferences, and fashion needs, ensuring you find the perfect pairs to elevate your comfort and style. Experience the fusion of luxury and comfort at Shoe Palace—where UGG footwear, modern fashion, and ultimate coziness unite. Shoe Palace has been lucky enough to partner with UGG on exclusive styles that could only be found at Shoe Palace stores and on

Painted Hills

In October 2023, UGG helped Shoe Palace celebrate its 30 year anniversary. The Shoe Palace x UGG Tasman “Painted Hills” slippers launch was the coziest launch of the 30 year celebration. Shoe Palace was built and maintained by family and community. The Shoe Palace x UGG Tasman “Painted Hills” capsule collection pays tribute to the joy of spending time with friends and family. The Tasman is the ideal companion for road trips, camping, or any adventure away from home.

The Shoe Palace design team was moved by the look of layered hills and mountains that would surround you on a trek to the outdoors. Layered Hills and Mountains are the main motif of the “Painted Hills” designs. The iconic UGG Tasman Slipper was utilized for this collaboration.

Multiple layers of suede were used on the Tasman Slipper to mimic layered hills. The different layers of suede are separated by a light to dark gradient from top of the slipper to the base of the sole. There are 2 pairs available in the “Painted Hills” collection, Chestnut Brown and Blue. The Chestnut Brown is an iconic colorway for UGG, while the Blue uses a red lining that represents the original Shoe Palace store on Bascom’s signages. The Tasman was the perfect model for this collaboration because it is a slipper that travels well outdoors. It’s also an easy to slip-on silhouette that allows the wearer to put it on and off quickly.

ugg x sp

Shoe Palace

You can find UGG products at Shoe Palace.


- Adam C. Better