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The Story Of The Air Jordan 1 Mid

The Air Jordan 1 High is one of the most important, and beloved, sneakers of all time. It is the shoe that started it all. The Jordan 1 High, and to a lesser extent, the 1 Low, have an almost unanimous approval rating amongst sneaker fans. The Air Jordan 1 Mid however is a much more divisive silhouette. It has its supporters for sure, but overall, most hardcore sneaker connoisseurs detest the shoe.


Surprisingly, Michael Jordan preferred playing in a mid-cut sneaker. The Air Jordan 3 & 4 featured a mid-cut design at the request of Jordan. He liked the ankle freedom a mid-shoe offered. The Air Jordan 1 Mid – is aligned with the III & IV when it comes to allowing your ankle more space to breathe. The Mids were also priced at a cost that was more affordable than the High when they originally launched in 2001. So why are the Mids so disliked by Air Jordan 1 fans?


Sneakerheads can be very, very snobby. The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a lesser version of the Air Jordan 1 High. There is less shoe, the price point is less, and its status is less, so less its “mid” at best. But that status has been heavily influenced by the starchiest sneaker fans. There are legitimate reasons why the Mid is looked down upon. It is not the OG silhouette, and it has Jumpman Branding, rather than the iconic “Nike Air” Branding. Those reasons are understandable. But the snobs that judge it for the price point are hard to sympathize with.

aj1 mid

Worth A Shot

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a silhouette that has received some exciting colorways and collaborations recently. It is a model that is easy to mock, but there are a lot of positive things about the Mid 1. It is an affordable sneaker, that is actually much more comfortable than the OG 1. The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a worthy addition to the Air Jordan 1 legacy.


- Adam C. Better