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The Popularity Of The Jordan 6 Rings

The Jordan 6 Rings series from Jordan Brand is one of the most popular models currently from the brand. It celebrates Michael Jordan’s legacy, and the legacy of the Air Jordan line. Learn more about the Jordan 6 Rings below.

6 Rings

The Jordan 6 Rings is a unique hybrid sneaker. It takes pieces, the most iconic pieces, from the shoes Jordan wore while securing his 6 championships. It’s cool to see MJ’s legacy displayed in a single silhouette. The shoe debuted in 2008 and it is possibly at the height of its popularity today. The Jordan 6 Rings has been available in iconic Jordan Brand colorways like Concord, Bred and Cool Grey. The shoes carry a price tag, that for Jordan Brand, is affordable. It is easy for a Jordan shoe, that isn’t a retro and collaboration, to be ignored by sneakerheads. But the 6 Rings seems to be embraced as more than a gimmick. It is a uniquely designed shoe that has a story to tell. That formula has been a winner for Jordan Brand since the start.

jordan 6 rings

The Birth Of Jordan Brand

In 1997, Jordan Brand and Nike decided to let the Air Jordan line operate 100% independently. It was a bold decision that showed the strong belief Nike had in the brand. The decision was probably heavily influenced by the fact that at the time it was widely believed that the ‘97-98 basketball season would be Michael Jordan’s last. Nike had to do something gigantic to let it be known to the consumer that the Jumpman logo wasn’t going away and that it was here to stay.

Jordan Brand was more than accepting and understanding of the fact that it was built on the back of the most beloved athlete in history. To survive separately from Nike, they would need talent from the sports world to endorse their company’s products.

The first group of athletes to join Jordan Brand included basketball stars Vin Baker, Eddie Jones, Derek Anderson, Michael Finley and Ray Allen. At the time all of those players were young stars with bright futures ahead of them in the NBA. They all had a strong competitive nature and skills sets that were electrifying to watch. The youthful group also personified elegance—on and off the court. That collection of players, known as the “Class of 1997,” were the embodiment of what the Air Jordan name stood for.

Shoe Palace

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- Adam C. Better