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The Brand History of Ellesse

For decades now ellesse has been a staple of worldwide fashion. The brand offers the perfect mix of sportswear and style. Ellesse has achieved iconic status by making quality apparel.

The Rise Of Ellesse

Ellesse was founded by Italian tailor Leonardo Servadio in 1959. He quickly turned his sportwear company into an icon. There was success in the 60s and 70s – but business really stared booming for the company in the 1980s. Servadio initially had a desire to create better skiwear. He wanted to make something that was fun and functional, but still was stylish to wear. Ellesse was able to eventually take its success from the snow to the tennis court. The brand mixed perfectly with the style and function needs of tennis players. Ellesse provided gear for top athletes like Chris Evert and Boris Becker.


The connection to tennis and skiing gave the Ellesse logo a lot of attention. The semi-palla (Italian for half-ball) combined the silhouette of a tennis ball with the tips of skis to form the brand’s logo. Ellesse has been credited as being one of the first brands to showcase their logo on their products front and center. Of course, now a brand’s logo is an important part of its identity and clothing - ellesse played a major role in that happening.

Ellesse & Shoe Palace

Shoe Palace is currently carrying a wide selection of ellesse products. Including shoes, apparel, and accessories. Be sure to visit and Shoe Palace stores for ellesse products.


- Adam C. Better

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