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The Air Jordan Wings Logo

The Jumpman Logo is right there with the Apple Logo, and Mickey Mouse Ears, as an all time recognizable symbol. The Jumpman is iconic and synonymous with the Air Jordan line. But before the Jumpman, there was the Wings logo.

The 1 That Started It All

The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore and was released in 1985. The release was tied to Michael Jordan’s rookie season in the NBA. The design of the Jordan 1 was simple and consistent with the other basketball shoes of the era. The Jordan 1 lacked the sophisticated technology that the Jordan Brand would be known for with later installments. Nike was dedicated to giving Michael Jordan his own shoe and brand to grow with. That commitment is clear when you view the shoe’s distinctive logo. Moore designed a wings symbol, a precursor to the Jumpman logo, which was placed on the upper ankle of the shoe.

jordan 1 on michael jordan


Peter Moore was inspired by flight when it came to designing the Wings logo. Obviously, flight made sense when you are talking about “Air Jordan.” Moore was thinking about what the logo should look like while on an airplane. He was deep in thought when he spotted a little kid that was wearing a pin on his shirt. The pin was a pair of captain wings. Moore then stared sketching the Wings logo. He added the basketball to make it uniquely Air Jordan.

jordan 1 on michael jordanair jordan wings logo

A Legend

Peter Moore made many contributions to the sneaker world outside of the Air Jordan 1, and the 2. But due to the sheer impact of the Air Jordan line on the industry, that will be the thing he is always remembered for. In 2022, Peter Moore passed away. When people look back at the legacy of the Air Jordan line, and the industry, Moore is a name that is often forgotten. His impact on the Air Jordan line, and the industry, is legendary.


- Adam C. Better