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Space Jam Air Jordan 11

The Air Jordan 11 is one of the most innovative and unique sneaker designs of all time. The use of patent leather on the 11 made it not only a standout for the Air Jordan franchise, but also the sneaker world. Designer Tinker Hatfield looked at premium fashion and luxury as a blueprint for the model.

Space Jam

Space Jam was released in theaters in 1996. The film was an instant classic and is one of Michael Jordan’s most iconic moments away from the basketball court. Michael Jordan plays himself in the film and interacts with cartoon aliens and the beloved Looney Tunes characters. The Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” is worn by MJ in the movie. MJ would wear the shoes on the court in 1995, before the film was released. It wouldn’t be until 2000 that sneakerheads had the chance to purchase their own pair of the Space Jam 11. The beloved shoe has received retro releases over the years since its OG release over 20 years ago.

 Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”

I’m Back

Michael Jordan shocked the world when he retired from the game of basketball before the start of the 1993-1994 NBA season. When Jordan retired, he had just won his third straight NBA championship. He was considered by many to be the greatest player of all time when he stepped away from the league. Michael Jordan pursued a career as a baseball player until he decided to return the NBA in 1995. During Michael Jordan’s first full season back in the league, 1995-1996, MJ laced up the Air Jordan 11.

1995 jordan 11

The 11 & Shoe Palace

When the Air Jordan 11 first dropped in 1995 the sneaker stood as a symbol of sorts for MJ’s return to basketball. By 1995, Shoe Palace was about two years old, and the Air Jordan 11 was a hot seller. The 11 has returned many times in retro forms since its debut in 1995. The 11 is easily one of Jordan Brands most sought after sneakers. It is consistently given a Holiday retro release by Jordan Brand – which tells you how special the 11 is to the company. The Air Jordan 11 is one of the most successful sneakers Shoe Palace has ever carried.

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- Adam C. Better