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Michael Jordan 101 Dates, Awards & More

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Michael Jordan is one of the most celebrated figures of all time. We all know the stories, the accomplishments, and the highlights. It is still nice to have a refresher now and again, since MJ’s legacy is decades long. Freshen up on some of the most vital facts and milestones from the life and career of MJ.

Read on to learn more about THE GOAT in Michael Jordan 101:

What is MJ’s full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

When was Michael Jeffrey Jordan born?

February 17, 1963

Where was MJ born?

He was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in North Carolina.

Where did Michael Jordan play college basketball?

Jordan would attend the University of North Carolina. He would help the Tar Heels win the NCAA Championship game in 1982. Jordan hit the game winning basket, a 16 foot jumper, with 18 seconds left in the game. The Tar Heels 63-62 victory, highlighted by his game winning shot, elevated the young Jordan to stardom.

When was he Drafted into the NBA?

He was the third overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. He would be named Rookie of the Year. MJ instantly elevated the status and credibility of the Chicago franchise.

What is MJ’s career Points Per Game Average?

30.1, which is the best of all time.

How many Scoring Titles did he win?

Michael Jordan won 10 NBA Scoring Titles, which is the all-time record.

How many All-Defensive Teams did Michael Jordan make?

Jordan made 9 All Defensive Teams & was named Defensive Player of the Year once. Michael Jordan is not just a dominate offensive force, he also dominated the defensive end of the court.

How many All NBA Teams did MJ make?

He made 11 All NBA Teams in his career.

How many NBA Titles did he win?

He would win 6 NBA Championship Trophies for the Chicago Bulls. He would also take home 6 NBA Finals MVP Awards to go with his 6 Rings.

How many times did Michael Jordan win the NBA’s MVP Award?

Even though he deserved many more, MJ would win 5 NBA MVP Awards in his career.

When did Michael Jordan join the Washington Wizards?

Michael Jordan joined the Wizards in the 2001-02. He would play for the franchise for 2 seasons – 2001-2003.

When did Michael Jordan retire for the final time from the game of basketball?

Jordan would retire 3 times in his career. His final retirement took place in 2003, for the Wizards.


- Adam C. Better