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Michael Jordan 101: Baseball, Michael B. Jordan & More…

Michael Jordan is one of the most celebrated figures of all time. We all know the stories, the accomplishments, and the highlights. It is still nice to have a refresher now and again, since MJ’s legacy is decades long. Freshen up on some of the most vital facts and milestones from the life and career of MJ.

Read on to learn more about THE GOAT in Michael Jordan 101:

How Many Seasons Did MJ Play In The NBA?

He would play in the NBA for 15 seasons and over 1,000 games.

What Position Did He Play In The NBA?

He would mostly play Shooting Guard while in the NBA.

How Tall Is He?

Michael Jordan was 6′ 6″ when he played in the NBA.

Did He Play Baseball?

In 1994, MJ would play Double-A ball for the Birmingham Barons. It was a shock to the world when he left the game of basketball for the sport of baseball. Jordan playing baseball was a controversial decision at the time.

Why Did Michael Jordan Wear 45 When He Returned From His Retirement From Basketball?

He wore 45 because it was his childhood number. When he returned to play after his first retirement, his father had died. MJ did not want to play in the same number, 23, to honor his father. 45 marked a new beginning in his mind.

Does Michael Jordan Have Kids?

He has 5 kids. Three children from his first marriage, and twin daughters from his recent marriage.

What Basketball Team Does Jordan Own?

He became a part owner of the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006. In 2010 he bought a controlling interest in the club. In 2023, he sold his majority stake in the organization.

Is He Related To Michael B Jordan?

Michael Jordan is not related to the actor, Michael B. Jordan.


- Adam C. Better