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Crocs 101 When Did They Come Out Best Collabs And More…

Crocs are easily one of the most unique shoe brands on the planet. The look and design of Crocs is unlike anything else in the marketplace. Learn answers to some of the biggest Crocs questions below.

When Did Crocs First Come Out?

In 2002 the world was introduced to one of the most unique brands ever made.

Who Founded Crocs?

Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Harrison, and George Boedecker were the founders of Crocs. They originally envisioned Crocs as boat shoes.

How Were Crocs Embraced When They First Released?

Crocs were instantly thought of as different the moment they appeared. Early on they were embraced as an “Ugly” shoe that had a specific charm. Today, the look of Crocs has grown on the public and Croc’s large fanbase.

How Do You Wear Them?

Crocs are versatile. They can be worn for a variety of occasions. Their comfort allows them to work perfectly as casual shoes you can wear while running errands, or just hanging out. Sometimes you can even spot celebrities wearing Crocs on the Red Carpet. Crocs can be taken anywhere, including around water.

Why Are Crocs So Popular?

Crocs are extremely cozy. Crocs can be worn in a variety of different places, and comfort will never be an issue. The comfort, along with the fun colors and designs, make them so beloved.

Who Are They For?

Crocs make shoes for the whole family. The company has a wide selection of colors and styles that make shopping for everyone easy. Parents and kids can find a pair that they will love.

What Are Some Of The Best Crocs Collabs?

Shrek is one of the most popular animated films of the past 30 years. It inspired sequels, theme park attractions and even a pair of Crocs. Hello Kitty, McDonalds and many more pop culture staples have collabs with Crocs.

Where Can You Buy Crocs?

You can find a large selection of Crocs at Shoe Palace stores and on


- Adam C. Better