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adidas 101 What Does adidas Stand For, Who Owns It, What Is Kanye’s Role

adidas has been a legend in the sneaker world for decades now. The Three Stripes Brand is known worldwide. The mark the brand has made on footwear and sportswear is legendary. The start of the company is an interesting one. Some of the partners, like Kanye West, and their history with adidas is also noteworthy. Learn some key dates and a trivia in the history of adidas below.

Who Founded adidas?

It was founded by a pair of brothers, Adolf, and Rudolf Dassler. The brothers would eventually separate, and Adolf, also known as Adi, continued to craft the adidas brand.

When Was adidas Founded?

adidas started as a factory founded by brothers, Adolf, and Rudolf Dassler, in 1924. In 1949, adidas became a sportwear company.

Where Did It Start?

The adidas story began in Bavaria, Germany.

Where Did The Name adidas Come From?

Adi took his nick name, “Adi,” and combined the first three letters of his late name, “Das,” and “adidas” was born.

Who Are Some Notable adidas Partners?

James Harden, Damian Lillard, Beyonce, Pharrell, Jeremy Scott, and many more prominent names have collaborated with adidas over the years.

When Did Kanye West Join adidas?

The adidas and Kanye West collaboration launched in 2015. Kanye and adidas changed the game in terms of how an artist and brand could collaborate.

What Is Kanye’s Current Role With adidas?

As of 2024, Kanye’s role with adidas is uncertain. Controversy has made the future of their partnership unclear.

Where Did The 3-Stripe Logo Originate From?

The 3 Stripe Logo is known across the world. It is one of the most famous brand logos ever created. The 3 Stripe Logo is rather simple, and its birth is also rather uncomplicated. Three Stripes just showed up nicely in photographs, it was as simple as that for Dassler. Visually Three Stripes just worked.


- Adam C. Better