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A Brief Look At The Footwear Brand, Teva

4 colors of the teva shoe

Born Out Of Necessity

Teva was founded in 1984. It was created to function as a sport sandal. The original idea was to prevent sandals from floating away when in the shores of the Grand Canyon. A river guide strapped two velcro watchbands to a pair of flip flops to keep them secure on his feet. Teva was born simply and out of complete necessity.

The Perfect Companion

Teva has stayed true to that pioneering spirt and sense of adventure in the decades that have followed. Now an icon, Teva gives you the freedom to roam the outdoors with no restraints. Teva is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, a casual day, or any journey, big or small, you feel like partaking in.

people on the ocean bank

Valuing Our Planet

Teva footwear is thought of as a canvas. The signature Teva straps are continually reimagined in a variety of patterns by the company’s design team all over the world. The straps are made of recycled plastic, which keeps with the brand’s environmental focus. Reducing the impact on the earth is a priority for Teva. They truly do love the outdoors, and it is apparent in all its choices. Teva strives to positively shape its community. It wants to protect the environment and inspire future generations. Teva works closely with organizations like Grand Canyon Conservancy, Camber Outdoors, Conservation Alliance and more.

Shoe Palace & Teva

Shoe Palace is constantly trying to improve and diversify its catalog of partners. Teva brings something unique to Shoe Palace and offers our customers a different form of footwear. The creativity and thoughtfulness of Teva is inspiring. Teva is a new partner for Shoe Palace, and we look forward to a bright future with the company. You can find Teva footwear on and at Shoe Palace retail locations.


- Adam C. Better

newspaper campaign for teva

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