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Shoe Palace x New Balance

Volcanic Rocks

The latest collaboration between Shoe Palace and New Balance is prepared for eruption. Shoe Palace has partnered with the iconic sneaker brand for a volcanic release. The Two Pack of New Balance sneakers can only be found at Shoe Palace. The silhouette chosen for this partnership is the popular New Balance 2002R.

A New Future

Volcanic eruptions of lava are obviously destructive. Even though they are dangerous, you can learn valuable lessons in adaptability, ingenuity, and ultimately sustainability. Once lava makes initial contact with air and water, it quickly hardens to make new land. The idea of new ground, a new future, was exciting to the Shoe Palace and New Balance teams.

sp x nb 2002r volcanic rocks on car
sp x nb 2002r volcanic rocks on horse

Air and Newly Formed Land

The Two Pack respectively represents lava through the element air and newly formed land. The two colorways pull from blue and brown hues to call out the before mentioned elements. Both pairs of the 2002R use smooth cow suede, hairy suedes, and open mesh material. The blue pair uses a spaced-out open mesh to play with the notion of air, while the brown pair has a tighter mesh for a more foundational feel. The color contrasts come from the angora white midsoles and reflective N logos on medial and lateral sides. Lastly, the two shoes come with extra laces and custom insoles to reflect the lava concept.

sp x nb 2002r volcanic rocks on ground
sp x nb 2002r volcanic rocks
sp x nb 2002r volcanic rocks on motorcycle
sp x nb 2002r volcanic rocks with horse