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Juan Toscano Hoop Clinic

juan toscano hoop clinic

We partnered with Nike and Los Angeles Lakers forward, Juan Toscano-Anderson, to celebrate Latino Heritage Month at Century Community Charter School. The students participated in a hoop clinic led by Latina trainer Coach Natalie, where she took them through a series of team-building activities. Juan surprised the children and led them in a riveting 3-point content. The hoop clinic was followed by a panel discussion where the Laker forward and Coach Natalie spoke to the boys and girls about the struggles of knowing whom you are and staying true to your dreams from the perspectives of growing up Latino. Juan also touched on mental health and nutrition, essential to being an elite athlete and great human being. To commemorate such an incredible day, we surprised each of the 95 kids with a fresh pair of AF1s before they went home. We want to thank Nike for partnering in such an uplifiting and inspiring panel celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. We would also like to thank Juan and Coach Natalie for sharing their time and experiences with the kids of Inglewood.

kids huddled together
juan toscano holding a basketball
kid showing of sp shirt
3 kids posing for a picture
juan toscano talking to a girl
juan toscano giving a boy a handshake
kids practicing defense
juan toscano laughing with kids
juan toscano getting ready to give out basketball
juan toscano high fiving kids
juan toscano under the basketball hoop
3 kids hugging
girl waving towards friend
juan toscano talking to the kids
2 girls high fiving
juan toscano listening to a boy
kids sitting together listening
juan toscano looking at shoes
kids holding up their sp shirts
sp team and juan toscano

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