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The Story of the Power Rangers

In 2023, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers celebrated 30 Years. The pop culture phenomenon has made its mark in the world of television, film, and toys. Learn more about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ahead of the Shoe Palace’s exclusive collection this January 2024.

Go Go

Kids fell in love with the adventures of the Power Rangers practically from the start. The team’s battles with Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and the rest of their rogue gallery brought in huge ratings from the jump, or from “Go Go Power Rangers.”

Haim Saban

Haim Saban came up with the idea for Power Rangers while watching the Japanese show, Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. He would take footage of the show’s action sequences, which featured teens that were given the powers of dinosaurs and blended it with brand new material of American teens. His copy and paste strategy not only worked, it helped Power Rangers become one of the biggest children’s shows of the 1990s.

Go Go Power Rangers


One of the things that made the Power Rangers so successful was the toys. The first five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were clad as space ninjas. The OG Five were dressed in Red, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink. The rainbow of colors made them distinct and perfect for action figures. The five would later be joined by the Green Ranger, who is arguably the most popular of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers crew. The Power Rangers were not just a hit in the toy aisles, they would also appear in books, on clothing and anything and everything else you could imagine.

Power Rangers OG Five

Still Going

Might Morphin Power Rangers has inspired countless television spinoffs, theatrical films, and other multimedia content. Power Rangers is truly a pop culture phenomenon that has been on top for more than 30 years now.

Shoe Palace

Shoe Palace also celebrated its 30 Anniversary in 1993. Shoe Palace and Power Rangers have both been around for 31 years now. To celebrate, Shoe Palace presents a brand new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers apparel collection that can only be found at Shoe Palace stores and on

You can find the Shoe Palace x Power Rangers collection at Shoe Palace this January.


- Adam C. Better