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The Nike Ja 1 “USA”

ja morant 1 usa

Due to injury and controversy, Ja Morant wasn’t even considered for Team USA. However, Nike and Ja are still releasing a Ja 1 in a USA color scheme that will be perfect for the USA Olympic Basketball Team that is playing this summer. Learn more about the Nike Ja 1 “USA” below.


The Nike Ja 1 “USA” is decorated in the classic patriotic color scheme. There is a safari print present on the USA shoes. Leather panels on the forefront, mudguard and spine. The Nike Ja 1 “USA” is the perfect summer shoe and will help you celebrate the Olympics this summer.

Nike Ja 1

Nike is entering a new age of superstar endorsers. Nike’s top basketball athletes, Lebron James and Kevin Durant, are elder statesmen in the league today. Ja Morant represents the next generation of superstars for Nike. The first colorway for Ja and Nike to get an official wide launch was the Ja 1 “Day One.” The Day One is tied to Ja’s underdog persona and the mentality he has regarding proving his critics wrong. The light blue color pays homage to the young star’s blue collar mentality. The official color scheme of the Day One is Cobalt Bliss, Citron Tint, Hot Punch, Medium Soft Pink, and Diffused Blue. The upper of the shoe is light blue and the silhouette has gradient Swoosh logos across the sides. There is a “I Am 12” graphic on the heel. A yellow midsole and pink outsole are utilized. The shoe is constructed and designed to fit Ja’s game. The shoe features an ideal fit for quick directional changes and explosions off the ground.

The Future

Ja Morant has achieved a lot in his short career. Largely because of Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies are currently a team on the rise. It would not be a stretch to believe that Morant could be the best player in the league within the next 5 years. The Nike and Ja partnership is just getting started and it will be exciting to see what they create as a pair in the future.

Shoe Palace

The Nike Ja 1 “USA” will be available at Shoe Palace stores and on this July 1.


- Adam C. Better