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The Life of Bob Marley

On May 11, 1981, the world lost one of its true icons. Bob Marley inspired millions in his short but impactful life. In honor of the anniversary of his death, let's look back at the life of Bob Marley.

Millions Inspired

Bob Marley is easily one of the biggest musical artists of all time. His art and life have inspired millions of people across the globe. Marley helped to put reggae music on the global radar. The artist played a significant role in bringing together the warring factions of Jamaica, largely because of his stature as an artist. Marley was able to use his worldwide platform for change and to inspire.

Never Ending Relevancy

The Bob Marley Facebook page has millions of fans and is one of the most followed accounts of a posthumous celebrity. Marley’s catalog of music has sold millions of albums worldwide and it still holds great cultural relevancy. Most people in the world can name a Bob Marley song and are familiar with his work. That relevancy is amazing when you understand that Bob Marley passed away over 40 years ago.

bob marley

Robert Nesta  

Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6, 1945. Bob Marley had a white father and an Afro-Jamaican mother. Being interracial led to him being made fun of and bullied by other children.

The artist was a palm reader as a child. He would read his friend’s palms and would shockingly often predict their fortunes. It was scary for Marley’s friends. Marley’s other passion in life was soccer. Marley was not a fan of material things, but he did own a BMW that he was quite fond of. He was a huge fan of football icon, Pelé. Marley was a skilled athlete, especially when it came to soccer.

bob marley 2

In 1976, seven gunmen invaded the home of Marley. Marley’s wife and manager were wounded by gunfire from the armed intruders. Marley was hit in the chest and upper arm. A few days after the assassination attempt, Bob Marley performed in concert.

Marley was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. Bob Marley never won a Grammy while living. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously in 2001. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2010 and has a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

May 11, 1981

On May 11, 1981, Marley passed of skin cancer. He was buried with his guitar and a stalk of ganja. Bob Marley was only 36 years old when he died.


- Adam C. Better