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The History Of The Nike LeBron 5

The Nike Zoom LeBron 5 was originally released in 2007. The V used the royalty aura that surrounded King James as inspiration. Learn more about the Nike Zoom LeBron V below.


Nike and LeBron wanted the V to be a sneaker fit for royalty. There was a luxurious design and look to the V. There were personal touches added to the V from the life of James. The ankle strap design is based on a milk crate LeBron used to practice on. Street maps of his hometown are put on the bottom of the sole and behind the tongue. The golden square emblem on the side and diamond tongue really highlights the royalty of the V. There is a Phyposite Endoskeleton for lockdown of forefront and heel. There is Full Length Zoom Air cushioning, double stacked, in the heel.


Hail To The King

LeBron James was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003 straight out of high school. His impact as a teenager was instant – both on the court and off. King James delivered from the very start in the NBA and earned Rookie of the Year honors. The King never slowed down after his first season in the league, and he has achieved some of the most iconic moments in basketball history. “The Decision,” overcoming a 3-1 game deficit in the 2016 NBA Finals and bringing a championship to his hometown team, the list goes on and on. Everything he did on the court, the spectacular dunks, the game changing defensive plays, were done wearing Nikes.

A King’s Ransom

When LeBron signed with Nike as a teenager, he was given a seven year deal worth 90 million. After that deal expired, the King and Nike would eventually agree to a rare in the industry, lifetime deal. Nike and LeBron have agreed to a forever marriage that reportedly brings LeBron 30 million a year and the total deal is supposedly worth more than 1 billion. It is believed that LeBron’s signature line, which includes shoes and apparel, is estimated to earn Nike more than $600 million a year.


- Adam C. Better