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Sprayground, Find The Popular Brand At Shoe Palace

Sprayground is one of the top names in fashion today. They make bags that are not only made to help you travel with your most valuable belongings, but to help you do it in style. Shoe Palace is a proud partner of Sprayground. Sprayground brings creativity and energy to the culture via its line of backpacks and accessories. Sprayground has provided a lot of excitement to the assortment of products we carry on and at Shoe Palace retail locations. Shoe Palace prides itself on its wide assortment of quality footwear. But to succeed as a diverse business – Shoe Palace needs to carry an extensive range of apparel and accessories. Companies like Sprayground, that value quality, functionality, and creativity, are an invaluable asset to Shoe Palace.

Art That Tells A Story

Sprayground prides themselves on making more than just bags and accessories – they make art. Inspired by storytelling, thought provoking concepts, pop culture, and more, Sprayground is never at a loss for inspiration. Shoe Palace embraces storytelling when it comes to the brands we partner with. Every piece that Sprayground produces tells a story, with vivid artwork and design. Shoe Palace is proud to carry Sprayground products on its website and at retail locations.

sprayground 2

Quality Control

Durability, Strength, and Longevity is the foundation of Quality for Sprayground. Sprayground believes a bag is meant to be thrown around and beat up. A bag needs to survive the wear and tear of people’s daily adventures. Shoe Palace values its customers above all else. With a partner like Sprayground, Shoe Palace can be confident that its shoppers are getting the absolute best.

Functionality With Style

Sprayground makes bags that are usable for today and our needs. Functional compartments for today’s youth with slots for headphones, sunglasses, laptops, tablets and easy organization and mobility with ergonomic strap support for easy transport.

sprayground 1

From The Beginning

Sprayground's journey as a pioneer in the world of travel fashion is marked by its iconic designs that have gained global recognition. The mission of Sprayground is to be the best backpack and accessories company on the planet. They focus on creativity, excellence, and style. Sprayground got its start in 2010. Its goal from the beginning was to change backpacks from being bland and boring, to exciting and stylish. Athletes, celebrities, and fashion influencers all loved Sprayground from the start. Today, Sprayground has found success all over the world. The company uses top of the line materials, and quality construction, to make the perfect bags and accessories. Sprayground is a global leader in the world of fashion.


- Adam C. Better