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Peter Moore: The Designer Of The Air Jordan 1

Peter Moore is one of the most important names in all of sneakers. The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore and was released in 1985. Moore played a major role in changing sneakers forever.

A Quiet Man

Peter Moore was born in Cleveland on February 21, 1944. He would study graphic design in college. Moore had a unique approach to design work. He worked best alone. Moore wasn’t really made for the corporate environment, but he would ultimately thrive in it. The designer was a quiet man, but if he believed in something, he would become passionate. Moore was always looking to break barriers in the sneaker industry.

Barrier Breaker

Moore would help break a barrier when he worked on the Air Jordan 1. The release was tied to Michael Jordan’s rookie season in the NBA. The design of the Jordan 1 was rather simple and consistent with the other basketball shoes of the era. The Jordan 1 lacked the sophisticated technology that the Jordan Brand would be known for with later installments. Nike was dedicated to giving Michael Jordan his own shoe and brand to grow with. That commitment is clear when you view the shoe’s distinctive logo. Moore designed a wings symbol, a precursor to the Jumpman logo, that was placed on the upper ankle of the shoe.

peter moore air jordan 1

Breaking Barries…Again

The Air Jordan 2 made its debut in 1986. The II was designed by Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore. The Air Jordan II isn’t as beloved as other early Jordan models, but it still is a significant shoe in the Jordan Brand legacy. When the Air Jordan II was released in 1986 Nike viewed the sneaker as a more sophisticated model than the Air Jordan 1. It was designed to be stylish, and to appeal to consumers beyond the basketball court. Nike wanted the Jordan II to be different than the Air Jordan I. One difference that shocked consumers was the price tag of the 2. The Air Jordan 2 had a retail price of $100. In 1986, $100 for a pair of sneakers was mind blowing. It was even more surprising for consumers since the Air Jordan 1 was reasonably priced at $65. The II didn’t have a Nike Swoosh on it. Today, The Jordan Brand has no Nike branding, unless it is calling back to a vintage release. But, when the II was originally released, no Nike Swoosh was newsworthy. Especially when you look at the 1 and how prominent the Swoosh was.

peter moore

A Legend

Peter Moore made many contributions to the sneaker world outside of the Air Jordan 1, and the 2. But due to the sheer impact of the Air Jordan line of the industry, that will be the thing he is always remembered for. In 2022, Peter Moore passed away. When people look back at the legacy of the Air Jordan line, and the industry, Moore is a name that is often forgotten. His impact on the air Jordan line, and the industry, is legendary.


- Adam C. Better