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Nike KD Shoe Guide 1-16

Kevin Durant is one of the best to ever do it. Scoring. Shooting. Winning. Few have done it better in basketball than KD. KD has been a part of the Nike family since the start of his career. As of 2024, there have been 16 KD signature shoes made. Let’s take a look back at the history of the Nike KD line.

KD 1

The KD 1 was a lightweight and well cushioned shoe. The shoe was designed to fit the quick and explosive game of Durant. The shoe had a Nike Zoom unit and a lightweight injection phylon midsole for cushioning. The KD 1 would debut in 2008. Durant would play his rookie season in Seattle before the Supersonics would become the Thunder and move to Oklahoma City. The KD 1 was designed by Leo Chang. The KD line is one of Nike’s most successful sneaker lines, and it all started here with the KD 1.

kd 1

KD 2

The Nike KD 2 was designed by Leo Chang. The shoe featured a mid-foot strap and a lower cut than the KD 1. The signature strap introduced on the 2 would become a mainstay of the KD line. The shoe had a lightweight and supportive upper. The Zoom Air cushioning offered optimal responsiveness. Nike sold the KD 2 originally for $85 at retail. That incredible price point for a signature basketball sneaker made them popular and in demand when released.

kd 2

KD 3

The 3 has a mid-cut design, a combo of synthetic and textile materials, and Zoom Air cushioning for better comfort and impact protection. The shoe was designed for Durant’s quickness and mobility on the court. The KD 3 offered enough versatility in terms of style and function that it worked well as a casual shoe and basketball shoe. Memorable colorways of the 3 were released like the “Christmas,” “All-Star,” and “Texas.” The shoes retailed for a more than affordable $88.

kd 3

KD 4

The Nike KD 4 featured a mid-foot strap, a popular piece of the KD series. The 4 showcased a new Adaptive Fit system. It featured Hyperfuse construction and Zoom Air. The KD 4 had a plethora of special colorways. Colorways that told stories regarding Durant and his basketball career. Some of the most popular silhouettes included the “Nerf,” “Weatherman,” “All-Star,” and “Year of the Dragon.” One of the things that made the KD 4 popular was the affordable price point.

kd 4

KD 5

Kevin Durant’s fifth signature sneaker was released in 2012. The KD 5 came equipped with some of Nike’s best technology at the time. The KD 5 features a mid-cut design. The 5 was without the KD line’s iconic foot strap. KD’s fifth shoe had a visible Max Air unit in the heel. There is Zoom Air in the forefront and a Phylon midsole. The KD 5 was offered in two different styles/cuts. There was the standard Nike KD 5, and the KD 5 as the “Team Elite” version.

kd 5

KD 6

The KD 6 might be the most unique KD shoe of the first six silhouettes released. The 6 took inspiration from a watch and how pieces come together. The shoe focuses on each aspect and works together as one. The KD 6 is a low cut shoe with a tongue that pivots to the side. The hexagon pattern on the outsole helped its traction and was perfect for a player like KD who made quick moves on the court. The 6 was made of a combination of synthetic and Flywire materials for a lightweight fit.

kd 6

KD 7

The KD 7 took cues from the KD 4 and 6 specifically. The 7 used a combo of mesh and Flywire materials for breathability and support. The 7 was released in 2014. Unfortunately for KD, injuries plagued most of his season, and the Oklahoma Thunder struggled because of it. Famous colorways of the 7 included “Global Game,” “Good Apples,” and the iconic “Aunt Pearl.” The storytelling for the KD line has always been connected to the life of KD.

kd 7

KD 8

Durant’s eighth shoe was light and had advanced cushioning. The light and flexible support was a perfect match for KD’s explosive game. The FLyWeave upper is what gave the shoe its top of the line elasticity and strength. There is a full-length Zoom Air unit. Leo Chang designed the KD 8. The shoes were released in 2015. Popular colorways included the “PB&J” and “What The.” Durant would wear the 8 during his final season as a member of the Oklahoma Thunder.

kd 8

KD 9

The 9 worked as a second skin when it came to fit. It also featured a new kind of cushioning. Its full-length Nike Air Zoom unit was thicker in the heel, which would protect KD from the pain that can come from hard landings. The KD 9 was designed specifically for KD’s foot. The 9 was designed by Leo Chang. Chang and Durant consistently worked hard to make sure each new KD shoe was the best yet. KD would have arguably his best season in the 9, he would lead the Golden State Warriors to his very first ring.

kd 9

KD 10

10 Years of a signature shoe is not an easy accomplishment. Many popular Nike signature lines, like the Pippen and Penny series, failed to reach 10. The 10 was versatile and responsive. Kevin Durant matured into an NBA Champion as a member of the Nike family. Leo Chang, longtime KD designer, created a snug and comfortable fit for the 10. The goal of the shoe was for it to fit like a sock, a strong and secure sock. The unique lacing system for the 10 is what allowed the shoe to fit snuggly.

kd 10

KD 11

The KD 11 was released in 2018. It was designed by Leo Chang. Kevin Durant would wear the 11 during his final season with the Golden State Warriors. The KD 11 features a high top design, a combo of Flyknit and suede materials. REACT foam cushioning was also a part of the 11. Durant’s final trip to the Finals with the Warriors ended with KD suffering an Achilles injury. The KD 11 marked the end of an era for KD, but the shoe has remained a popular installment in the KD series.

kd 11

KD 12

The 12 was different than what came before from Nike and KD. The shoe had a higher cut than past shoes in the series. There was a Flyknit exterior shell. The upper had transparent layers that highlighted the inner workings of the sneaker. Durant preferred a “worn in” feel when it came to his kicks. The Flyknit material and padded tongue gave Durant his ideal fit. Durant, and the designer of the 12, Leo Chang, were both inspired by 1990s basketball.

kd 12

KD 13

The Nike KD 13 was released in 2020. Nike designed the 13 specifically for the game and body of Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is one of the most unique NBA players of all time. His game is based on speed, explosiveness, and endurance. The 13 is both lightweight and flexible. The upper is soft and constructed with minimal materials. The softness of the upper gave the wearer a feeling of a broken in shoe, straight out of the box.

kd 13

KD 14

The Nike KD 14 was released in 2021. The 14 has a mid-top design and offered a snug fit. The 14 features a combination of lightweight materials. Zoom Air cushioning was present for a responsive performance. The 14 brought back a strap on the upper, something that was a part of the line earlier in its run. There was a full length Zoom Strobel underfoot combined with a cushioned midsole. Kevin Durant inspired many of the colorways and storytelling for the KD 14.

kd 14

KD 15

The Nike KD 15 launched in 2022. The 15 returned the line to its low top roots. The KD 15 featured a lightweight feel, the silhouette focused on comfort. The Air Zoom Strobel offered an energy boost underneath your foot. There is a woven heel label and molded KD logo. Laces feed through floating wings to provide a secure and locked in fit. The rubber outsole was crafted for incredible traction and durability.

kd 15

KD 16

The Nike KD 16 was released in 2023. It was designed by Ben Nethongkome. As always, when it comes to the Kevin Durant x Nike line, style and performance are blended for the 16. The shoes offer a sleek design and advanced technology. The upper is lightweight and breathable. The outsole is made for traction and stability. The KD 16 is focused on the needs of KD and his full court game. The KD 16 can take any baller’s game to the next level.

kd 16

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- Adam C. Better