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Los Angeles Lakers Star, Austin Reaves

Wichita State and Oklahoma

Austin Reaves was born on May 29, 1998. He is from Arkansas. Reaves had an accomplished career in high school. Both of his parents played college basketball and were solid talents. Basketball was an important part of Reaves childhood. He would play college basketball for Wichita State and Oklahoma. Reaves would end his college career in 2021. His time in college was strong and Reaves put up impressive numbers.

REAVES Oklahoma

Los Angeles

The guard would go undrafted in the 2021 NBA Draft. After the draft Reaves would sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Reaves was a pleasant surprise his rookie season. He provided the Lakers with much needed shooting, defense, and toughness. He was able to mesh well with Los Angeles Lakers superstars, Lebron James and Anthony Davis. His second season in Los Angeles was even stronger. The Lakers made a run to the Western Conference Finals in 2023, and Reaves was a major reason why. He was one of the team leaders in the 2023 Playoffs. As an award for his great play, Reaves signed a big contract with the Lakers in the Summer of 2023. He went from being undrafted, to having many teams offering him large deals, quickly. He was an in demand free agent in 2023, but ultimately decided to stay with the Lakers.

REAVES lakers

Shoe Deal

Austin Reaves is an explosive player who is constantly making the highlight reels on social media. His game is flashy, and Reaves, with his underdog personality, is likeable. All of this led him to signing a shoe deal with Chinese sportswear brand, Rigoerer. The first shoes released in 2023, and so far, they have received rave reviews from sneaker enthusiasts. The Rigorer AR-1 is one of the hottest shoes currently in the game. Having your own signature shoe is a huge compliment for a NBA star, and Reaves has definitely earned the kicks honor.

REAVES Rigoerer

The Future

Austin Reaves has a bright future in the NBA. LeBron James, Reaves teammate, seems to respect and trust the young star. For a legend like James to believe in an undrafted youngster like Reaves, so strongly, tells you a lot. Reaves will be in the spotlight for as long as he is a Laker, and at some point, with James and Davis aging, he might be the face of the franchise. Austin Reaves is one of the top young talents in professional basketball.

- Adam C. Better