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Kanye West – His Life, Yeezy Shoes and Controversy

Kanye West is one of the most talented, celebrated, and controversial artists of all time. His contributions to music, fashion and popular culture are unrivaled. The life of Kanye West, or Ye as he currently goes by, is one of the most polarizing ones in our culture.

The Passion of Kanye West

Kanye West grew in up in Chicago and attended Chicago State University for one year, before dropping out. He then pursued his passion, music. West relocated to New York to start his career. He quickly found success as a producer. His sound was unique, and it allowed him to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. But he desperately wanted to be a rapper. Whether it was his middle class upbringing, or the uniqueness of his flow, nobody wanted to give West the chance to rap. Even though he was not given the opportunity to rap, the artist was able to work with some of the top rappers in the industry. West’s work as a producer helped him grow his skills.

producer kanye west

Roc-A-Fella Records

The success Kanye had as a producer led him to Jay-Z and his Roc-A-Fella Records. This is where his name started to become known, and his work as a producer was being appreciated on a bigger scale. Despite his growing success as a producer, and getting to work with superstars like Janet Jackson, he still could not get a deal as a rapper. In 2002, a tragedy would change the trajectory of West’s life and career.

kanye west Roc-A-Fella Records

Through The Wire

Kanye got into a car accident and his jaw was severely injured. His jaw had to be closed with wires during reconstructive surgery. While in recovery, he recorded the song “Through The Wire.” The song chronicled his experiences dealing with the crash. Through The Wire helped West get his first album as a solo artist. Whether it was the quality of Through The Wire, or the fact that Kanye shed his clean cut image by getting into a crash, he was now embraced as a performer by the industry. His debut album, The College Dropout, was a huge hit commercially and critically. Kanye was now much more than a producer, and he would quickly become much more than a rapper.

Through The Wire

More Than A Rapper

When West accomplished his dream of being a signed rapper, with many hit songs and albums on his resume, he then started to strive for more. Around 2009, West started to dabble in his other passion, fashion. He worked with Nike to create Yeezy sneakers. The sneakers were incredibly popular and to this day fetch thousands of dollars on the secondary market. Kanye would collaborate with other big names in the fashion space, and curate fashion shows. His influence was growing and diversifying.

YEEZY & adidas

The adidas and Kanye West collaboration launched in 2015. The high end partnership has resulted in several styles of sneakers, accessories, and high end clothing pieces. Kanye and adidas have changed the game in terms of how an artist and brand can collaborate. The artist has proven that you do not have to be a basketball player or athlete to have you own shoes. YEEZY is a global brand for adidas, and possibly the biggest name in sneakers right now.

kanye and adidas

BOOST In Sales

The YEEZY BOOST 750 was the first product to come from the West and adidas collaboration. The 750 had the kind of unique styling you would expect from West. It also featured BOOST cushioning technology. The 750 was the perfect blend of style and comfort. It was an instant global hit and established what the public could expect from YEEZY.


adidas followed up the success of the 750 with the YEEZY BOOST 350. The 350 was one of the most wanted and fastest selling footwear models in history. 350 is constantly being released to the public in a plethora of iterations. The Yeezy Boost 350 defined the look of the adidas and Kanye relationship in many people’s minds. It is the most successful silhouette that has come from the adidas and Kanye West partnership. The Yeezy Boost 350 has clicked with sneakerheads for a variety of reasons. Of course, the iconic status of Kanye West has a lot to do with the 350’s popularity. However, the versatility of the 350’s design has helped it reach singular status. The 350 can be styled casually, or with more formal wear. Another aspect of the Yeezy franchise that is often overlooked is just how comfortable the shoes are. The uniting of BOOST, a cushioned sole and Primeknit material makes them painless to wear, no matter the occasion or activity.

yeezy 750

The Sequel, YEEZY 350 V2

In 2016, the first YEEZY Boost 350 V2 dropped. The YEEZY Boost 350 V2 is arguably the most iconic of all the adidas YEEZY sneakers. It is the one that has made the Yeezy brand a household name. The YEEZY 350 V2 continues to be a must have sneaker today.

yeezy 350 v2

Ye vs The World

Ye is a brilliant artist. A diverse talent that makes an impact anywhere he goes. But he also has a talent for stirring up controversy. The first major controversy for Ye was when he said during a live telethon for Hurricane Katrina that the President, George Bush, “doesn’t care about black people.” He was upset how Bush was managing the relief efforts in New Orleans due to Katrina. Predominantly black neighborhoods were impacted the most after the hurricane.

Ye vs Swift

In 2009 Ye made Taylor Swift a rival, a rivalry that still lasts today. During the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he stormed the stage to show his anger with Swift beating out Beyonce for Best Female Video. That moment is now infamous, and turned Ye, maybe for the first time, into a villain. His rivalry with Swift would continue, and the two are still at odds today.

Ye vs Swift

Controversial Friendship

Donald Trump is maybe the most contentious political figure in the history of our country. Many love him, and many hate him. Ye supporters were shocked when he openly, and passionately, showed his support for Trump. Many felt that the ideals Ye once had, conflicted with the policies and actions of Trump. This would prove to be the biggest hit yet to Ye’s public perception.

ye and trump

Controversial Relationship

Ye’s marriage to Kim Kardashian was constantly discussed and chronicled in the media. The pair were both icons in popular culture, and everyone was fascinated with their relationship. When the pair divorced, Ye’s words and actions became scrutinized. Many felt his behavior and treatment of Kardashian was inexcusable. He was openly criticizing her parenting and her love life.

ye and Kim

The Life of Ye

Regardless of how you feel about Ye, and he has legions of supporters and detractors, you cannot debate his influence. He has changed music, fashion, and culture for the world.


- Adam C. Better