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Deion Sanders And The Nike Air DT Max 96

Deion Sanders has had a renaissance of late in terms of popularity and cultural relevancy. Nike, who is always on the forefront of culture, is bringing back The Nike Air DT Max 96 in honor of Prime Time. The Nike Air DT Max 96 launches at Shoe Palace on June 14.

Nike Air DT Max 96

The Nike Air DT Max 96 was famously worn by Sanders. It was a beloved sneaker when it debuted largely because of its white synthetic leather base that accompanies black nubuck panels. The rippled like design that was created allowed the shoes to stand out. The colorways varsity maize accents on the Swooshes added an eye appealing pop of color. The mid foot strap and the football logo on tongue added to the mystique and charm of the silhouette. Its visible Max Air Unit in the heel gives it an elevated level of cushion.

Nike Air DT Max 96


Deion would retire from football in 2000. Prime Time’s charisma was evident in abundance throughout his playing career. He would take that ability to titillate and take it to the broadcast booth, becoming an NFL analyst. He would return to the playing field in 2004 when he joined the Baltimore Ravens. He would play two seasons in Baltimore, and he was still effective. Baltimore would prove to be the last stop in his long and successful football career. He would then return to his role as NFL analyst, where he would thrive for years.

Coach Prime

Prime Time would make an interesting career choice when he became the Head Coach of Jackson State University in 2020. In 2022, after tremendous success at Jackson State University, he would move to the University of Colorado. He has brought the program a level of notoriety that only a star of his status could. He has also caused controversy, due to Coach Prime being very much the same person as the player, Prime Time. He is still just as confident and flashy as he was on the football field and baseball diamond.

Coach Prime

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has had an iconic career in sports. He has taken part in more areas of the sporting world than practically anyone else in history. He is currently back on top of the sporting world, and his relationship with Nike has been renewed. The Nike Air DT Max 96 launches at Shoe Palace and on on June 14.


- Adam C. Better