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Basketball Superstar, Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark is more than just a great basketball player. She is a juggernaut that is so talented and charismatic that she has helped to lift women’s basketball to a level of popularity it has never been at before. Clark is more than just a basketball player, more than just an athlete, she is a transcendent figure who is changing sports in real time.

The Records

Caitlin Clark put up numbers in her college career that nobody has seen before. She is the NCAA all time leading scorer. This is not just for women’s basketball, it is for men’s basketball as well. She dominated the game for her Iowa Hawkeyes. What makes Clark special as a pop culture figure is her dominance has not alienated her from fans.

caitlin clark all time leading scorer

The Rise of Clark

Her entire four-year career at Iowa has been impressive. The last two seasons, however, which included two back-to-back Final Four appearances, have lifted her fame to another level. Her rise to becoming an icon has been tied to winning, which is always exciting to see. Yes, she is a phenomenal scorer, but she also has lifted her team to a high level of competitiveness and success.

The Game

The three-point shot is currently the most exciting shot in all of basketball. Clark is a knockdown shooter, with range from the locker room. That is a major reason why she has clicked with basketball fans, and brought in new fans, she is so much fun to watch. Her scoring, as proven by her scoring record, is at a level we have never seen before in women’s basketball.

caitlin clark

Changing The Game

It is amazing to think about how much Clark has changed basketball, while only being in college. Her life, her career, is just starting. As she enters the WNBA for the 2024 season, the expectations are ludicrously high. Everyone expects her to dominate, and for the WNBA to reach a level of success that can rival the NBA. The pressure is on Clark, in a way that is exciting and possibly unfair. Her time in Iowa has proven that she seems to strive under pressure. It will be exciting to see how her rookie year plays out in the WNBA.


- Adam C. Better