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Shoe Palace x New Balance 327 "Unity Pack"

Shoe Palace x New Balance 327 "Unity Pack"

Shoe Palace & New Balance Are Coming Together To Celebrate & Promote Unity

Shoe Palace & New Balance have a long and successful history of collaborations. That history continues with the Shoe Palace x New Balance 327 “Unity Pack.” The collection releases exclusively at Shoe Palace retail locations and on November 16.

Shoe Palace and New Balance have come together to celebrate the beauty of Unity with the Shoe Palace x New Balance 327 “Unity Pack.” The collection is all about inclusiveness. One of the styles is inspired by how patchwork bandanas come from different places, are used differently and age at a different rate. When together however, the patchwork bandana shows what happens when people come together and become one. The second colorway is inspired by New Balance’s heritage in grey based shoes. This style pays homage to New Balance’s history while moving towards the future.

About Shoe Palace:
Shoe Palace is one of the most trusted athletic footwear and apparel chains in the United States. What began as a small family business has grown into an extremely popular chain of stores, currently over 170 worldwide, and an online retail site, Shoe Palace was built on a strong belief that amazing service, above all else, is the most important reason why any business succeeds.

About New Balance:
New Balance is a leader in the athletic footwear and apparel space. They are located in Boston, Massachusetts, since 1906. From the beginning New Balance has been committed to performance, style, and a good fit. They offer a wide range of sizes and widths for everything from training to lifestyle. New Balance strives for innovation, as well as pushing the boundaries of modern fashion. Headquartered in Boston, New Balance prides itself on a large majority of its shoes being made in the United States. The craftsmanship and quality of New Balance sneakers are always top of the line. The versatility of New Balance allows them to have a presence in the gym, office, and the nightclub. That versatility makes them a brand that never goes out of style or loses its relevance.