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Nike 101: Does Nike Own Converse? Where Is Nike Headquarters? What Does Nike Mean?

Nike is one of the most influential companies ever created. Nike has changed the shoe game, sports, and our culture. Nike has had a large and enthusiastic fanbase for decades now. Fans talk passionately about Nike online, in person and anywhere else they correspond.

Below are some of the most main facts in the history of the company.

Does Nike Own Converse?

Nike purchased Converse in 2003.

Where Is Nike Headquarters?

The company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.

What Does Nike Mean?

Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory.

Who Designed The Nike Logo?

The trademarked Nike Swoosh logo was designed by a college student.

Are Air Jordan sneakers Nike sneakers?

In 1997, Jordan Brand and Nike decided to let the Air Jordan line operate 100% independently. It was a bold decision that showed the strong belief Nike had in the Jordan Brand.

What is Nike ACG?

Nike ACG stands for “All Conditions Gear.”

What Is Nike Tech?

The Nike Tech Pack would debut in 2007. Nike has always made sportwear that was aimed at the athlete but was chic enough for casual wear. When Nike was first starting out, in the 70s and 80s, they found success with sneakers like the Cortez. Windrunner jackets were also popular for Nike. Nike learned very early on that sportwear could not just be highly functional, it also had to appeal to people who were looking to make a fashion statement. Names like Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson played a huge part in making Nike more than just a sportswear brand.

What Is The Nike Mag?

Tinker Hatfield was chosen by the makers of Back to the Future II to design a shoe for Michael J. Fox to wear in the film. Hatfield was a rising name at Nike, and today he is considered the greatest shoe designer of all time. The filmmakers wanted to create a fictional sneaker that was aspirational and exciting. Marty McFly showed an infinity for Nike when the character wore a pair of Bruins in the first Back to the Future film. The highlight of the Mag, in Back to the Future II, was that they were self-lacing. When Marty McFly put them on, they laced on their own. Which in 1989, when BTTF II premiered in theaters, was mind blowing. The light up features and self-fastening laces were unlike anything you could buy in 1989. The design of the shoe, the high cut, and colors, captured the futuristic aesthetic of the film perfectly.


- Adam C. Better