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Shoe Palace x Nike FOR HER
A program for HER, by HER. ⁠⁠


'For Her' is a monthly program from Shoe Palace and Nike, where community leaders from all facets of Los Angeles come to break down what sport and community mean to them, and how they are breaking barriers within their industries to help change the world.⁠⁠

Dates: June 2021 to Feb 2022

  • once a month, Shoe Palace will host a mixture of podcast (or talk panel) and workshop sessions, called "For Her" for 9 months leading up to the Superbowl
  • workshops will consist of classes taught by community leaders and organizations and will teach "The Pillars of Her" curriculum
  • at the end of the 9-month course, the girls from R4P will capture unique content with NFL players during media day

Tune in to this inspiring and moving conversation with DeNika, Natalia, and Dionna on Apple Podcast under ‘Shoe Palace For Her’

Click to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Meet the Hosts


Natalia Perez

Natalia Perez is changing the game as a radio personality, mother, and host for our upcoming program for HER, by HER.⁠⁠



Dionna Woodard

Dionna Woodard, Nike’s Account Executive, leader, and co-host for our upcoming program for HER, by HER.


June 2021 Episode 1: Confidence

June 2021


Runway 4 Peace to kick off "For Her". Founder DeNika to come and speak about confidence and teach a class on how to build your confidence and portray that in your daily life.

Today was about learning the tools to have Confidence through an interactive modeling workshop, and creating vision boards to manifest your goals. Thank you DeNika, the @runway4peace girls, Natalia, and Dionna for such an amazing morning today!


Tune in to this inspiring and moving conversation with DeNika, Natalia, and Dionna below.

To listen to the audio version, this episode is now available on Apple Podcast under ‘Shoe Palace For Her’


Episode 1

Confidence with Runway4Peace Founder DeNika Turner-Stephens

‘For Her’, an ongoing series from Shoe Palace and Nike, illuminating female leaders in the Black and LatinX community who are actively making a change in the world around them, and breaking down what sport and community mean to them. In this first installment, we have the amazing, the insightful, the talented...DeNika Turner-Stephens, founder of Runway4Peace.


In Compton, California, DeNika started Runway4Peace as an initiative to provide confidence for at-risk youth in a safe space, by infusing fashion, self-esteem, and fun. She tells us how she channeled her experiences to start the foundation and why we should all see the beauty in ourselves. DeNika also shares her vision for future generations to stand up and walk tall towards the world they will someday run.



July 2021 Episode 2: Empowerment

Coming Soon

July 2021


Sista Skate to come speak on how important it is to empower each other and how they’ve created a safe space for women through rolling skating. They will teach a rolling skating for beginners

Organizations & Community Partners

Runway 4 Peace: A local organization in Compton that strives to empower the youth and build up their self-esteem through fashion and confidence workshops so they can safely engage and excel in all social and academic settings.