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Why We Celebrate New Balance's Grey Day

new balance grey day 2022

“Grey Day” is New Balance’s very own sneaker holiday. The day celebrates the brand’s heritage – which is tied to New Balance’s famous grey colorway. Learn more about New Balance’s special day below. Grey Day 2022 is May 21.

Grey Day

Grey Day is a way for the shoe brand to celebrate New Balance’s famous grey. The unofficial sneaker holiday started in 2018. The day celebrates the great heritage of New Balance, especially when it comes to shades of grey. The worldwide celebration focuses on the color most intricate to NB’s history. The holiday also allows the company to put a spotlight on its core values. These values include the “Green Leaf” standards.

Green Leaf Standards

New Balance’s Green Leaf standard highlights environmentally preferred material adoption for its footwear and apparel. For apparel to meet New Balance’s Green Leaf standard, 50% or more of the materials in a garment are sourced as environmentally preferred. For footwear at least 50% or more of the upper materials are sourced as environmentally preferred and includes at least one environmentally preferred sole ingredient. A material can be environmentally preferred based on its physical characteristics. More information on New Balance’s Green Leaf standards can be found on

new balance grey day on female model
new balance grey day on female model closeup on foot
new balance grey day on female model on stool
new balance grey day on female model crouching

A Brief History Of NB

New Balance got its start in 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer a wide range of sizes and widths for everything from training to lifestyle. New Balance prides itself on a large majority of its shoes being made in the United States. The versatility of New Balance allows them to have a presence in the gym, office, and the nightclub. That versatility makes them a brand that never goes out of style or loses its relevance.

What New Balance Does Best

New Balance has established itself as a company that makes shoes every man and woman can enjoy. They have mastered the art of standing out, without really trying to stand out. Bright, bold colors are not what you associate with New Balance. The grey shades they have mastered have made them an icon in the industry. The simplicity has resonated with a worldwide audience. Neutral tones, versatility and suitability are its bread and butter. New Balance puts a greater emphasis on quality and construction, rather than daring fashion statements. New Balance makes products that everyone in the world can wear and enjoy.

Celebrate Grey Day on and in Shoe Palace locations by checking out our wide variety of New Balance products.


- Adam C. Better

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